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Share What Is Phishing?

You may have seen the term “phishing” before and been told to be careful of it, but you not really certain as to what it is. . . or you may have experienced it or should I say been a victim of it. . .you must be wondering, what exactly is this phishing???

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Share Common Scams

Have you ever been a victim of theft, fraud or bribery?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then you have been a victim of White collar crimes. Most of these crimes are committed to businesses where criminals steal the businesses hard earned money through fraud and corruption.

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Share Credit Card Fraud

Technology has made life convenient and quick. Unfortunately this rapid growth made innocent people easy targets and created many new opportunities for individual criminals and crime syndicates and fraudsters to defraud and con people. Local banks are reporting over 5 million rand loss per month due to card fraud and globally the figure runs into billions of dollars annually.

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Share Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

Human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, harbouring, or receipt of people for the purposes of slavery, forced labor and servitude.

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Share Methods Used By traffickers

 For desperate people who live in appalling circumstances any deal or promise is worth a try. Traffickers play on this need and desire for a better life to abuse and exploit these vulnerable persons.

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Share Destination South Africa

South Africa has become a popular destination point for trafficked persons. Promises of a better life in a diverse country seem all too good to pass by for women and children who live in war ravaged, poverty stricken countries. A chance to make their dreams a reality in a foreign land. A chance to escape the suffering. A fair chance at life. Opportunities like these don’t come around often. The future seems bright and promising.

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