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Share Legally Blonde: Court Employees Found Engaging On Steamy Sex During A Murder Trial

These two are legally blonde in an offensive way.

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Share Honestly I’m Disgusted By What You Are Doing: A Kenyan Student That Has Infected 341 Men With HIV

We’ve all heard about a 19 year old Kenyan student who claims to have infected 341 men with HIV, if you have not read the story where have you been?

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Share Breaking Confidentiality Clause? Google Spy Requests Doubles

San Francisco- Requests to Google from governments and courts around the world for information on users has doubled

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Share You Gon' Learn Today: Woman Runs Over Her Boyfriend Because He "Refused To Stop At Mc Donald's"

Hell hath no fury like a woman hungry

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Share Another Attack On The School Of Miley: Saudi Arabia Men Sentanced To 10 Years In Jail And 2 000 Lashes For Twerking Naked In Public

Miley come and get your students, they are under attack,

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Share Authority To Spy? SA Government Requested Facebook And Google Users Info

Should we trust the system?

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Share Two Wrongs Made A Right: Woman Steal Back Her Bike From The Thief Who Tried To Sell It To Her

Just look at the picture, I've never seen anyone look so proud for getting away with a crime

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Share Man Found With Illegal Cigarettes Fined R25 000

A Pakistan nation man was fined R25 00, after he was found with tons of illegal cigarettes,

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Share Acupunctirist Sentanced For Intentionally Infectiong 16 People With HIV

A court in Switzerland sentanced a self styled Accupuncturist to 13 years in jail

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Share Proposed Law: Rape Victims May Be Jailed If They Abort

The republican law maker in the state of Mexico has proposed a new law

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