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Share How To: Ensure Baby Food Safety

Babies have very compromised immune systems and thus their young bodies need much precaution from the parents’ side to ensure that they are protected from lifestyle infections such as food-borne illnesses because these can be prevented.

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Share How To: Get Ahead Using Good Debt

We always think debt is a bad thing and something to be avoided by all means. However, most of us can't pay cash for our homes, our dream cars or college education for that matter. While you want to resist the temptation of buying with credit; avoiding debt at all is not smart either if it means depleting your cash reserves for emergencies.

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Share How To: Help A Choking Child

Accidents can happen at anytime of day, anywhere and unfortunately there is not much we can do to stop them. Chocking is one of those!

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Share Know Your Human Rights

Once you know your human rights, it becomes difficult for the next person to abuse, exploit or take advantage of you. Wherever you are, whoever you are and no matter where you come from, you always have equal human rights as the next person.

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Share Donating Your Organs After You Die

Most of us do not give this much thought; however, it is vitally important. Organ donating not only will help those waiting for a second chance at life; it also provides medical researchers with opportunities to help others in the future.

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Share Prostitution , 2010 Soccer World Cup (and beyond)


In exactly 120 days South Africa will be the hot spot of the world, hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup.  A time for South Africa to shine. In the midst of many concerns surrounding the world cup the legalisation of prostitution for the spectacular tournament is a burning debate.  Can we really turn the sex trade it into a “safe”, industry?


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Share PREPARING FOR THE UNEXPECTED TODAY: The Importance of Wills & Estates


How does estate planning affect your and your family?

Your estate refers to everything you own and owe, from property and cars  to investments and debts. Aporoperly structures estate plan ensures that your estate is set up in a yax efficient  way that benefits you during your lifetime and your beneficiaries after you die. this includes setting up a will and could also include a trust.


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Share Final Expenses Benefit

Final Expenses Benefit – provides immediate liquidity on the death of the client or their family members. This is an affordable way to ensure that funeral costs and immediate living expenses can be met.

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Share DATE RAPE 101


When people think of rape, they only think of the perpetrator as someone who is a stranger jumping out of a shadowy place and sexually attacking someone. But it's not only strangers who rape. In fact, about half of all people who are raped are on familiar terms with the person who attacked them. Girls and women are most often raped, but guys also can be raped.


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Share 4 Safety Tips for Single Girls

Under no circumstances should you compromise on your personal safety.  While certain lifestyle circumstances and choices like being single and living alone will increase your risk of becoming a victim or target to predators, there are some basic precautionary measures to help minimise the chances of you falling prey . Below are 4 Safety Tips for Single Girls


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