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Share Safe, Sober Driving This Festive Season

As the festive season begins, there is going to be endless parties, and social events, so during all this, it’s fair to say we will be spending a bit of the silly season behind the wheel.

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Share Simple Power Saving Tips

Geysers by far are your largest power guzzlers in your home, accounting for approximately 40% of your total electricity bill. Reduce your thermostat down to 60 degrees and switch it off while you are away.

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Share Be mindful of hijackers

“If I knew then what I know, I would have not driven at night. I would have closed the windows or take a different route”.  These are the words spoken by most hijacking victims. Nobody wishes such tragedy to themselves or anyone else for that matter.

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Share All you need to know about ATM safety

 Bank and ATM robberies have become a common problem. To protect yourself from being a victim you need to be aware, and know which precautions to take. You should know what to do if you find yourself in a serious situation.

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Share Safety First! Protect your loved ones

 A person’s daily life is most likely influenced by the fear of crime, where you live and where you travel. We sometimes have that constant state of awareness or anxiety. Many households will spend money each month on some kind of security. It is only the extent of the cost that varies. Be it armed response, car tracking units, burglar bars, security guards, theft insurance, alarms, locks, gates, the list of what companies offer to safeguard your home is endless.

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Share How to: Stay Safe When Using a Public Computer

You’re using computers in internet cafés and airports at the moment. But are you using it safely and keep your private information private? 

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Share Human Rights - Poetry by Shifa Tauqir

My rights, yours rights, our rights
Human Rights
From a mechanic shop came a cry of a boy
What are my rights? Education or being a mechanic

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Have you ever been in a situation where you entered in an aircraft and you felt so unsure whether you will see you friends, family and possible your children ever again? No matter how brave you are, the high level of airplane noise can be disruptive, and can leave every passenger upset.

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Share How To Spot Counterfeit R200 Notes

R1 million worth of the fake R200 notes is reported to have hit the South African money market. If you end up with these notes you might not be able to use them for anything as no bank is accepting them anymore. So make sure you do not end up with a useless bunch of papers by looking for these points on any R200 note that’s given to you:

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Share Workplace Safety

Stress and injury-free environment can makes people love and look forward to going to work every morning, even if they have a hazardous occupation. Thinking that you might be saying your last goodbye every morning you leave your home is not the kind of life anyone can bear to live and for one to find job satisfaction, safety takes front seat priority.

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