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Share Save Children: US Company Designs Bulletproof Blankets To Protect Children During School Shootings

The pointless and insanely random school shootings that have been happening in USA have triggered a manufacture company to come up with an idea to create protective blankets that can help protects the kids should a shooting occur.

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Share PETA Taught Them: Pet Insurance Would You?

I have nothing against animals especially kept animals but don't we have bigger problems in this world?

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Share "KFC Meal" Denied A Right To Board A Plane

An unusual KFC meal was denied a right to enter a plane in China

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Share Chinese Woman Electrocuted To Death By Her iphone

A chines woman was striked by an unexpected tragedy,

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Share No Church In The Bus: Commuters Beat Pastor To A Comma After 2 Durex Condoms Fell From His Bible

A crowd of commuters put their hands on the pastor not to bless him but to beat him to the comma after 2 condoms fell from his bibble

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Share Call To Reduce Cost And Shorten Funerals

A group of traditional and church leaders

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Share Eldery Man Dies After Being Rejected 36 Times By Hospitals

A 75 years old Japanese man died after being rejected by 25 hospitals 36 times

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Share Obese Drivers More Likely To Die In Crashes

Obese drivers are more likely to die in case of a car crash, compared to drivers with a healthy weight and Obese women are at a higher risk. Scientists warn.

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Share Could This Be A Holiday Hazard?

No one wants to spoil the holiday season, but Christmas trees in the home can present a fire safety issue. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 13 percent of the home fires attributed to Christmas trees have occurred in January.

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Share Check Your Credit Score Regulary And Avoid The Rude Awakening

A recently divorced friend of mine was so excited because she finally mananged to save enough money to pay for her new car, in the spirit of friendship and equal excitement we went together to the car delear to arrange for her to buy her car

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