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How To Spot A Cyber Stalker
How To Spot A Cyber Stalker

The internet era came with a lot of positive things for us, we literally have the world at the click of a button, but with all of that positivity comes a lot of negativity too. Things like cyber bullying and cyber stalkers are people who are on the constant look out.

These people can actually harm you without you knowing; here we have a few tips that can save you from being a victim of the cyber stalking world.

They comment on your old photos

On social networks like facebook and twitter, stalkers will actually take the time to comment on your old photo’s, they will go back to the photos you posted when you first joined facebook, and some will comment on your recent one’s also. They will do an audit on you going through your profile thoroughly.

This is a stalker tendencies be aware!

They ask the most random questions

They usually send weird and creepy random messages like, hi have we met before, or it’s been a while. Like really? You haven’t met this person but they acting all friendly with you. Be wary of that.

They want to know everything about you

Like the traditional real life stalkers, cyber stalkers become obsessed with you. They want to know everything about you, age, gender, where you live, work, school and everything else.

They are the uninvited BFF’s

They will also try to move into your circles, try to befriend your friends and introduce themselves to people as your friend. On facebook they will use your friendship status to gain access to your friends and gather more information about you.

Put celebrity pictures

Because stalkers usually don’t have good intentions they don’t expose their identity, they will put on photos of Justin Timberlake or some famous celebrity to hide their own identity.

Stalking someone is a crime, if you suspect that somebody is stalking you, immediately report that to the police for your own safety, because if you don’t act too soon, they will be creeping up on you, which can lead you to being harmed.

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