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Is Your Child At Risk?
Is Your Child At Risk?

The online world has become an important part of teenager’s lives. So parents should be aware of the possibilities and problems that could affect your kids while using the internet.

Cyberbullying refers to bullying through information and communication technologies, mediums such as mobile phone text messages, emails, phone calls, internet chat rooms, instant messaging or social media networks.

Cyberbullying is a fast growing trend that experts believe is more harmful than typical schoolyard bullying. Research indicates that at least 15 % of teenagers receive threatening emails or text messages or had private conversation or images posted online without their consent.

Teenagers don’t often tell their parents because they are afraid of having their online time or cellphones restricted.

How to spot if your child is a victim?

-Children became moody, angry or sullen.

-Could become withdrawn.

-You may notice signs of distress or anger after using their computer or cellphone.

-Sleeping or eating habits disturbed

-Academic performance affected.

How to take action?

-Assure your kids that you are offering help and support and you don’t intend to invade their privacy.

-Make it clear that you don’t mean to restrict their activities.

-Try to identify who the bullies are, your child probably will have some idea of who they are.

-Service providers have means of blocking out harassers.

-You can use Google alert to warn you when anything about your child is posted online.

-Record threats and activities from the bully and inform their parents, school.

-If the harassment persists consider legal action. 

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