Roots of Africa

Important to is the symbol of the Baobab Tree, especially its longevity and its ability to sustain life within its substantial trunk. Each Baobab provides both sustenance and shelter for a diversity of creatures which is a testament to its similarity to the women of South Africa. This very idea fits with Sevafrica’s slogan of “Our strength is in our togetherness”.

Each week, will feature our very own ‘Root of Africa’, which is an person we believe, is a strength and mainstay of our society. Our ‘Root of Africa’ represents the strength and courage of influential individual as well as the reasoning behind us honouring them; furthermore it is because we see their longevity in their chosen roles and professions.

The tree is characterized by its ‘upside down’ appearance and it is this idea of exposed and vertically reaching roots is where we derive the analogy for the ‘Roots of Africa’.

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Root of Africa: Sharmala Govender’s Heart of Gold

Sharmala Govender’s job as executive director of non-profit organisation Big Brother Big Sister South Africa (BBBSSA) sees her jet setting around the world. But despite her frequent flyer miles Govender never loses sight of her main focus in life – giving back to those less fortunate.

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Root of Africa - Narissa Ramdhani

While many people dream of a career that will be financially rewarding, one woman’s job is worth far more than a pay cheque at the end of the month.

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Root of Africa: Commissioner Pumza Makanya-Ogowuro

Being a woman in the police force is not easy. Not only do you have to fight for your male peers to take you seriously but you also have to deal with those same perceptions in the public.

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Nelson Mandela: Honorary Root Of Africa

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Root of Africa: Joan Van Niekerk

Childline’s national coordinator, Joan van Niekerk, 58, is one of the most respected women in child protection services. She actively lobbies and advocates for laws and policies that protect children against abuse and also aids in their implementation.

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Xclusive Insight Into Xclusive Events & Decor

Contrary to popular belief, the wedding of your dreams need not leave you in a financial constraint. The talent and expertise of the Xclusive Events & Decor team ensures clients the satisfaction of an exquisite and memorable event at an affordable price.

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