Roots of Africa

Important to is the symbol of the Baobab Tree, especially its longevity and its ability to sustain life within its substantial trunk. Each Baobab provides both sustenance and shelter for a diversity of creatures which is a testament to its similarity to the women of South Africa. This very idea fits with Sevafrica’s slogan of “Our strength is in our togetherness”.

Each week, will feature our very own ‘Root of Africa’, which is an person we believe, is a strength and mainstay of our society. Our ‘Root of Africa’ represents the strength and courage of influential individual as well as the reasoning behind us honouring them; furthermore it is because we see their longevity in their chosen roles and professions.

The tree is characterized by its ‘upside down’ appearance and it is this idea of exposed and vertically reaching roots is where we derive the analogy for the ‘Roots of Africa’.

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Heavy Price: Economist Wants Airlines To Charge Obese Passengers

 Forget pay as you go, a Norwegian economist has come up with "Pay as you earn"

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Honda To Recall Thousands Of Vehicles

Motor vehicle manufature company, Honda

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The Biggest Entrepreneurial Fears

My colleague and I were too early for work, so instead of talking about our normal junk and frails

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A Consumer's Point Of View: I Won't Buy The New Blackberry 10

When the news of Blackberry 10

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Life After Retrenchment: What Will Happen After Amplants Sack 14 000 Miners?

Anglo American South Africa announced last week that it is preparing to sack 14 000 miners and close shop in some shafts,

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Top Business Advice From Sevafrica Team

Welcome to year 2013, we hope it bears nothing but success and excellency in your business

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Thank You For A Year Well Spent

It is that time of the year again, where we all gather with friends and famy to celebrate

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Launching A Successful Online Business

The world literally revolves around the web now, from food people eat, clothes they wear, houses they live in, cars they drive, insurance, Schools, and everything else they get it on line.

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Recycled Sewerage Water for SA Residents

Within the next few years, Durban and Cape Town residents will have to start looking at drinking recycled water from local sewerage works

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The South Africa Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) holds its 2nd annual Wind Energy Event from 22 – 24 October 2012

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