Roots of Africa

Important to is the symbol of the Baobab Tree, especially its longevity and its ability to sustain life within its substantial trunk. Each Baobab provides both sustenance and shelter for a diversity of creatures which is a testament to its similarity to the women of South Africa. This very idea fits with Sevafrica’s slogan of “Our strength is in our togetherness”.

Each week, will feature our very own ‘Root of Africa’, which is an person we believe, is a strength and mainstay of our society. Our ‘Root of Africa’ represents the strength and courage of influential individual as well as the reasoning behind us honouring them; furthermore it is because we see their longevity in their chosen roles and professions.

The tree is characterized by its ‘upside down’ appearance and it is this idea of exposed and vertically reaching roots is where we derive the analogy for the ‘Roots of Africa’.

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It is cheaper to keep her: Court Orders Man To give ex Wife $ 4.5 Billion in divorce settlement

This man needs to apologise and berg for reconciliation.

Russian court has ordered one of its citizen to give his soon to be ex wife $4.5 billion in divorce settlement, making this the world’s most expensive divorce ever. The business insider reports.


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The Unusual Boob Job: New Tweeting Bra, A High Tech Bra That Tweets Every Time It Is Unhooked

Technology  developments never seize to amaze me but I have to admit that I had to blink twice before grasping this new addition in the hi tech family.

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Monday's Job Madness

Jobs from around the web, there's one for everyone. Good luck with your search

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Monday's Job Madness

Jobs from all around the web, for everyone by everyone!

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Dolce & Gabbana Sent To Jail, Not By The Fashion Police, By State For Tax Evasion

You charge us insane amount of money but you skip taxes, D&G are you for real?

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Europen Union May Half SA Imports

The Europen Union (EU) wants to stop some imports from South Africa, like Citrus fruit,

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Wh Run The World: The Obamas Named World's Most Influental Couple

Politically correct and socially likeable, who comes to mind when you hear these terms? The Obamas, yes everybody likes the Obam's

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iPhone 5s With HD Retina, NFC And More Breath Taking Features To Hit The Markets In June

According to the business insider report

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LinkedIn's Impact

LinkedIn is a social network like no other, it was designed strictly

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Cellc's Boss Will Take ICASA To Court If..

Cellphone network company Cellc's CEO

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