Giving Back

A Brief History of the Sevafrica Espresso

Sevafrica is a company that is dedicated to the empowerment and upliftment of people in all areas – from family to career we are dedicated to helping you improve, . Through our informative website and training programmes we are well on our way to showing you brilliant alternatives to leading a balanced life – intellectually, emotionally, economically and spiritually.

With the current economic crisis Sevafrica saw the need to assist their partners and clients in building their business, networks and taking their business to another level. Sevafrica Espresso was born, a Kick Start to Growing your business. This opportunity aimed to bring business people from all arenas together in one venue to network, swop business cards, ideas and hopefully begin a mutually beneficial relationship. These networking sessions are offered FREE to our business partners and are held once every two months at different venues with a different theme.

For more information on our Espresso or to book your place at this unbelievable event please follow the link below to our online booking form! See you there!

For More Information: Email Us


Sevafrica’s GIVING BACK project intends to invest fully and whole heartedly in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) we aim to improve the quality of life of people who otherwise would not have been given the opportunities they need to succeed.

Our GIVING BACK project is geared towards empowerment of people from all walks of life and provinces that need assistance in furthering themselves in their education, businesses and careers. We believe that every individual has the right to experience intellectual, economical and spiritual growth.

In keeping with our GIVING BACK project we provide Free Business Training course to aspiring entrepreneurs. Individuals who already have businesses but would like to learn more are also welcome to join us. This one day course covers the A-Z of starting and running a successful and effective business in the current markets.


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