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SEVAFRICA.COM is part of a Private Equity Company owned 100% by women. The company focuses on economic, intellectual, social and spiritual development of women. The resultant need to empower women in virtually all aspects of their daily lives, led to the SEVAFRICA.COM website initiative which has enabled the company to touch the lives of women by providing access to content that is topical, informative and relevant. Sevafrica.com is the quintessential guide for women in all spheres of their lives.

With a family of 12 sister website a womens investment club, a loyalty card and a database of over 1 million women, SEVAFRICA.COM is perfectly positioned as an E-Commerce Portal to help people with their 'every day hassels' in the discerning South African market.

With categories in Business, Education, Careers, Entertainment & Travel, Fashion & Beauty, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, Law, Sex, Love & Life, Money, and Technology; SEVAFRICA.com is a one-stop portal of information.

Membership to SEVAFRICA.com is FREE and the company in addition provides Free Business Training in emerging businesses and entrepreneurs at no cost.

Why the Baobab Tree?

Important to Sevafrica.com is the symbol of the Baobab Tree, especially its longevity and its ability to sustain life within its substantial trunk. Each Baobab provides both sustenance and shelter for a diversity of creatures which is a testament to its similarity to the women of South Africa. This very idea fits with Sevafrica's slogan of our strength is in our togetherness.

The tree is also known as the 'Mother Tree' throughtout Africa and is characterized by its upside down appearance, and it is this idea of exposed and vertically reaching roots which is why the Baobab Tree is so important and symbolic to us, because of the parallel that is drawn between the strength of the tree and the stength of women.

Services we offer:

Sevafrica Property Investment Company

Sevafrica afforded women from all walks of life the opportunity to become investors in the acquisition of commercial and industrial property in South Africa. This has resulted in the majority of the investor pool being first time investors in this particular asset class. The investment was ‘ring fenced’ from interest rate hikes while investor returns were projected above market rates achieved within the industry and after 18 months, this investment is well on its way towards achieving the guaranteed return investors are expecting. This is a remarkable achievement for the directors of Sevafrica who sought to make an impact in an industry previously dominated by established institutions and their male counter parts.


We offer optimal advertising opportunities on Sevafrica.com, with our traffic rapidly growing in South Africa and the world, we have over a million online hits a month. This is surely a portal to market any product or business.

As Business Guru Tom Peters puts it, "If women are not your major focus as a company  you are going out of business and just don't recognise that".

Internet Marketing

Our Internet / Online Marketing techniques and strategies can market any business online within your budget. Your business can be marketed to a specific audience, country or province. With over 8 Billion Websites, (Yes, more websites than actual people), our online marketing gurus  will surely place your business amongst major players in the industry. P.S. Internet Marketing is the best form of marketing to compared to traditional magazine / newspaper adverts as it is both, cost efficient and reaching a bigger audience and target market. With stats to prove who saw your advert, what time, how long, which country they come from etc...

Online Media

Sevafrica.com is an online media company that can help take your business and market it to millions of interested people world wide at a fraction of the cost you would pay to advertise in a newspaper of magazine. Our Branding and Marketing practice leaves a 'foot print cast in stone'

Website Design and Development

We offer a well designed and developed website that looks good to humans, as well as search engine friendly. Our wesbite costs start from R250.00 for a basic website (that still looks good). We pride our selves in developing websites that NOT ONLY looks good, but also is your companies marketing tool that should help increase your revenue. Your website should ideally be a graphical (to the user) representation of your company.

Free Business Training

As part of our corporate social responsibility we are giving back to the community in our own way  by empowering young budding entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need. This free one day course is for all those who wish to start up their own businesses, and provides them with not only the book  knowledge, but the practical opportunity to network with potential clients, as the training continues to be attended by successful business owners that want to expand their businesses.

Sevafrica Call Centre

The Sevafrica Call Centre has made a significant investment in our call centre that comprises the latest digital telecommunication technology to market the services and products of both our business partners and Sevafrica Investment Holdings. Unlike traditional role players the call centre is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the benefits of the converging telecommunications sector. Amongst the many cost saving business services on offer is an increasingly popular core service which is essentially the direct sales of products to Sevafrica’s extensive client base. A phenomenal new development has been the establishment of a virtual office service to empower businesses to develop without incurring the exorbitant capital outlay for corporate offices, communications infrastructure and staff costs when starting a business. More importantly Sevafrica is able to reduce the existing operating costs of established businesses.

Sevafrica Financial Services

The Financial Services Division is a brand new investment of Sevafrica in its efforts to empower our ability to serve our partners in business, with professional advice and direction. Our service entails:

  • Advice on Financial Planning

  • Funding for Business

  • Business Training

  • Managing an exclusive Business Online Magazine keeping you in the know of the best tips and advice for our select Partners to grow their businesses.

Sevafrica Publications Division

The Publications division is entrusted with the expansion of our web content, current news updates, 3 online publications, plus a classified service to business partners and developing new innovation in terms of publications. Sevafrica’s publication division has been responsible for creating an exceptional opportunity for our business partners to market their products and services in a multi-dimensional approach on just one website: www.sevafrica.com, this is extraordinary value and an opportunity to base success on. The Business Compass service on offer to our business partners will be supported by our team of professional journalists, editors, web-managers, web-developers and business strategists who have already recorded significant levels of success in maintaining, and building Sevafrica.com into a leading online resource and authority on a vast array of topics, i.e.

  1. Health & Wellness,

  2. Business

  3. Careers & Education,

  4. Travel & Entertainment,

  5. Law & You

  6. Fashion & Beauty

  7. Technology

  8. Home & Garden

  9. Weddings

  10. Insurance

  11. 2010 World Cup

  12. Sex Love & Life,

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