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Share People Need To Mind Their Own Business: Student Attacked On Social Media For Breastfeeding At Her Graduation

A young mother who took a proud photo of herself and her infant during her graduation has received backlash from internet trolls for posting a photo of herself breastfeeding her child while dressed in her graduation gown.

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Share Face The Facts Your Child Is Fat: Half The Number Of Parents With Obese Kids Are In Denial About Their Children’s Weight

Child obesity problem is bigger than what we may it to be, according to the new study half of parents with obese child are in denial about their child’s weight thinking they are overweight and some even thinking their kids are underweight.

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Share Parents Don’t Blame Yourselves: Toddlers Throwing Tantrums And Dram Is Not Due To Bad Parenting But Genes- Says Scientists

The spanking my mother tirelessly practiced really made my genes one of a well behaved kind.

According to the latest research toddlers throwing tantrums is not a result of bad parenting but it is because of bad genes.

New research into identical and non-identical twins suggests genetics have a more important role to play than previously thought.

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Share Your Mama Did This: Kids Born To Smoking Mothers Have Smaller Brains

Scientists have discovered that babies who are born to mothers who smoke during pregnacy have smaller brains,

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Share Walk To Better Grades: Research Shows That Making Pupils Walk To School Can Improve Their Overall Perfomance

Parents you might want to re think driving your kids to school

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Share It Will Come Back To You: Teens Who Drink And Take Drugs Excessively Are More Likely To Suffer From Dementia

Teens might be thinking they are living "the life"

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Share Lowering Your Baby's IQ: Study Says Moms Who Drink Organic Milk During Pregnancy Could Be Lowering Their Babies IQ

Expecting moms who drink organic milk during pregnancy harm their unborn child's brain  power

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Share Nasty Mamas Have Healthy Babies: Sucking On Your Baby's Dummy Prevents Diseases

The women who suck on their baby's dummy before

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Share Feeding Babies Solids Too Early Could Cause Problems Later In Life

 A warning to mothers and mothers to be to be, starting to feed your baby solid food before the prescribed 6 months could cause problems

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Share Fat Attack: Leading UK Doctor Wants Gastric Surgery For Fat Children

The fact that a grown man uses a word "fat" on the same sentance as "Children" should say a lot about his persona

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