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Share Your Underwear Might Be Harming You

Many people still have the mentality of thinking that infertility is a women’s problem. This is not true, men can also be infertile but the only thing that sets them apart from women is that their infertility can be cured in some cases.

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Share Is There Blood In Your Semen?

Blood in semen is uncommon. This topic can make people quite anxious, but it is rarely serious. Most cases of blood in the semen are from unknown causes, and usually goes away on its own. Known causes include:

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Share 3 Turnoffs For Women

Did you know that a woman can be turned on or off in an instant.

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Share Does A Penis Have A Mind Of Its Own?

Absolutely , most men would testify to the number of times they had an erection when it was completely inappropriate to have an erection and they couldn't wish it away.

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Share Beer and your belly

A man drinking five liters of beer a week would be consuming the same amount of calories as someone who got through 221 dough nuts in a year. So if you are drinking heavy amounts of beer each week, you are likely to have piled on the extra calories.

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Share Avoid man flu

We all know that a man’s immune system is weaker than that of a woman, and they are at higher risk to getting infected by any virus that is in the air. Well the reason is because men are very masculine and have a high level of testosterone in their bodies, which disables the immune cells from defending them from infections like colds and flu's.

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Share The Hairy Truth About Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss in men is not a result of all the myths that come with the condition such as stress, wearing caps everyday or nutrient deficiency.

Male hair loss is actually a result of hormones called androgen's and genetic history called androgenetics.

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Share The Long and Short of...Penile Cancer

Penile Cancer is a disease that affects males of all ages.

It is therefore vital that males learn the importance of personal hygiene, abstinence and the dangers of unprotected sex with multiple partners. 

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Share Lower Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack!

Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in the world, with men over the age of 35 being more prone to suffer from the condition.

There are many precautions that men can take to lower the chances of having a heart attack.
Here are four factors that can lower your chances of suffering a heart attack...

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Share Male Contraceptive Pill: Would You Take It?

Contraceptives are viewed as a woman’s responsibility, and men always ask the question of whether their partners are on the pill or something to prevent pregnancy.  

Well with ongoing research over the past 10 years, its' only the matter of time before men can play a visible role in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

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