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Share One More Reason To Get Rid Of The Polo Neck; Uncircumcised Men Are At Higher Risk Of Getting Prostate Cancer

If you won’t do it for religion, cultural or personal reasons do it for your health and your life.

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Share The Whole New Meaning To D**k Head: Baby Foreskin To Be Used To Combat Hair Loss

When your buddy calls you a ca D**khead, he probably doesn't mean it literally, well doctors are working on making that more than just a figure of speech.

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Share Spray Your Men Problems Away: Viagra Creators Have A Solution For Premature Ejaculation

These guys should run for president, they have more solutions for people's problems than government

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Share It's In The Balls: Men With Small Testicles Are More Likely To Be Great Dads

Latest research suggests that men with small balls are better parents

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Share Sweet Help: Raspberries Can Help Men Fertility

Research shows that indulging in sweet raspberries can help men increase their chances of fathering a child

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Share Kid You Killed My Vibe: Newborns Reduce Fathers Sex Drive

Until now you and I thought only new mommies struggle with sex drive after giving birth, but

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Share Fat Father Fat Child: Fat Fathers Could Pass On The Fat Gene Down Generations

Fathers, come close, we have news for you,

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Share Man I Feel Like A Woman: Tom Ford Working On A Line Of Make Up For Men

Drag queens and LGB community taught him

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Share Man Sues Doctor After Penis Enlargement Left Him With 8 Month Long Erection And A Giant Scrotum

A Newark truck driver is suing a doctor after a penile operation left him with an 8 month long erection and

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Share Hitting Below The Belt: Men Who Take Painkillers Have More Chances Of Developing Erectile Dysfunction

Attention men, especially those of you who take pain killers regularly, the pills may be killing a little bit more than pain.

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