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Share Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Weight loss is not an overnight thing, but the longer you stay motivated the easier it becomes to lose weight. Below are a few motivation weight loss tips.

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Share Rape Dosn't Decrease Chances Of Pregnacy

Experts say that rape does not lower chances of being pregnant. Chances of being pregnanct during rape are the same as those of consensual sex they conclude.

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Share What Every Woman Should Do Now If She Wants a Baby Someday

It is common knowledge that your fertility does decline with age but did you know there are other factors that also determine your chances of falling pregnant someday.

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Share Over Achieving Mums

No doubt our mums strive to make themselves the best gift to their children at the same time trying to achieve a lot more than that

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Share You've Earned Those Extra Kilos

This could be the reason you are getting bigger by the day and it could aslo be the reason you have become a drinker or a smoker

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Share Breastfeeding Mothers Less Likely To Be Obese

We've heard new mothers credit breastfeeding for their quick way to weight loss after giving birth

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Share 42K Strapless Bra A Triumph Of Big Boobed Girls

Summer is every woman's dream because they get to parade around with strapless clothes, well at least the ones with small to average boobs, the girls with bigger boobs can only dream about strapless clothes.

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Share Controlled Drinking During Pregnancy Won't Harm A Baby

A new study says moderate drinking during pregnacy or the time you are trying to concieve is unlikely to harm your baby.

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Share 4 Best Exercises For Women

Women are special in every way so it's only fair that we have special workout plan that will work well for the girls only

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Share Betrayal Of Plus Size Women

How may big, overweight and obese women have you seen in the media lately, what are they all saying? Think about that while i present my argument on what i think is betrayal of plus size the media.

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