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Share Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Pregnancy

Reality television star Kim Kardashianopened up about her

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Share Kourtney Offers To Be Surrogate For Khloe

 The oldest of the Kardashian sisters Kourtney made a heartfelt and selfless offer on the family reality show on Sunday, Kourtney who is alrealdy a mother of two biological children with long time partner Scott Disick offered to carry a child for her youngest sisiter who has fertility issues.

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Share Sofia Vergara Talks Freezing Her Eggs And Reveals Her Bra Size For The First Time

Man, women and even children have been wondering for years about what exactly is the morden family star's real bra size

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Share Pregnant Ghanaian Women To Be Provide With Blood Before Giving Birth

The high rate of mothers who die due to bloss loss after giving birth in Ghana

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Share Mother To Child Transmission: Pregnant Woman Can Transmit Stress To Her Unborn Child

Researchers believe that a pregnant woman can transmit the damagining effects of stress to her unborn child through the placenta

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Share Statistics: More Black Women Are Obese Compared To Other Races

According to SA Institute od Race Relations

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Share Blame It On The Husband: Marriage Drive Women To Drink

Ever wonder  what those women who are always sitting by the bar have common? Husbands, yep they are all married, respectively of couse one can only hope.

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Share What's That Smell? How To Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection

Ladies your lady parts shouldn't have any funny odor coming from it,

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Share We Don't Treat Obese People: Woman Dinied Medical Care Because Of Her Weight

Ida Davison is like most women around the world, she struggles with her weight and she honestly admits that it goes up and down frequently. but she never in her wildest dream thought this could bear her from gettng help, especially medical help.

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Share A Girls Best Friend?

It is a relatively cheap method, sometimes even free at many clinics and prevents about 99% of pregnancies.

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