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Share Spa Of Embarrassing Feet: Woman Going Under The Knife To Get Perfect Feet

You would think women will stop at breast augmentation, butt enlargement, Botox or thigh gap but nope they have gone further down. The new trend in Knife town is Cinderella surgery, which is basically reducing one’s toes via surgery.

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Share Genital Grooming Taken Too Far: Now There’s A Bleaching Cream For Penis And Vagina

A vagina only works when it’s white and a non white Penis does not get an erection?

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Share Big Girls Problem: Manufacture Warns That Morning After Does Not Work To Over Weight Women

European manufacture warns that a morning after pill identical to Plan B and other common brands used around the world may not be effective to women hevier than 165 pounds.

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Share Pure Madness: Serve PMS To Be Classified As Mentall Illness

My PMS doesn't drive me crazy but the people claiming that they (PMS) are mental illness going to drive me mad and to the the nearest psychiatric ward.

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Share Kiss Those Frogs Til' You Find Your Prince: Kissing Help Women Find Mr Right

It may not have done much to help your teenage heartbreak at the time.

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Share Women Have Natural Defence Against Some Of The Strongest STD's

Women appear to have a natural defence against the world's most common sexually

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Share New Trend Alert: Women Selling Positive Pregnancy Test Sticks Online

As a troll would say 'the thirst is real" scores of women in America have

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Share According To Men: Men Voted Wedge And Uggs Least Attractive Shoe Style

Ladies prefer wedge to stilettos because, wedge is more comfy, but men ain't even know it

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Share Angelina Jolie Had A Double Masterctomy

Hollywood actress decided to surgically remove both her boobs after

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Share Tripple Threat: Overweight Women Who Indulge In Alcohol TripleTheir Chances Of Getting Liver Disease

Overweight women who indulge in alcohol

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