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Share World Health Organisation Donates R16.5 Million

There  are 350 suspected cases of rabies in the province of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa

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Share Sugar Can Make You Dumb-Scientists Warn

US scientists warn that consuming too much sugar can dumb you down, according to the scientists who published a study showing how a steady diet of high-fructose corn syrup sapped lab rats memories

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Share Dealing With Mental Illness

Mental illness or mental disorder is a psycological or behavioral pattern generally associated with subjective or distress or disability that is not part of normal behaviour or culture.

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Share A Cup Of Medicine

Originally discovered in the 1960's by native South Africans, rooibos tea has been every tea lovers fovourite in South Africa, Africa and recently he world.

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Share Relaxation and Insomnia

A lot of people experience insomnia some time in their lives. Insomnia is basically an inability to sleep that may cause stress and frustration to you.

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Share Why Is Broccoli Good For You?

Here are the health benefits of broccoli…

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Share Are You Buying A Plate Of Heart Attack

Buying a burger, french fries and a can of soda?

Here's what you are paying for:

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Share Laugh A Little More, It’s Good For Your Heart

A team from the University of Maryland in the US asked 20 healthy young adults to watch 15 to 30 minutes of sad and humorous films 48 hours apart.

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Share Hope For Breast Cancer Patients

American scientists claim they have developed a vaccine that can help stop the development of breast cancer and they are in the process of having to test the vaccine in humans.

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Share Daily Dose of Aspirin Could Cut and Cure Cancer

New studies suggest, taking a daily dose of aspirin could reduce and possibly cut your risks of getting cancer especially colonial cancer.

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