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Share Bizarre Health Fact: More People Have Access To Cell Phones Than Toilets

A study has found that more people in the world have access to cell phones than proper lavatories

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Share Breast Cancer Patients Who Indulge In Dairy Products Hinder Their Chances Of Survival

Scientists have found that breast cancer patients who eat ice cream, yogurt or ice cream a day could harm their chances of survival at least by halve

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Share You Are Never Too Old To Quit: Giving Up Smoking Later In Life Can Reduce Risks Of Heart And Stroke By 40%

Research has shown that even those people who have been smoking for most of their lives can significantly reduce

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Share Bad Employees Show Up At Work When They Are Sick, The Good Ones Are Those Who Stay At Home

Only if our employees were as positive and reasonable as this group of scientists

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Share Education Increases Life Expectancy

Do you think one's life expectancy depends only on good genes and good habits only?

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Share Warning: The Rise Of Counterfeit Condoms

BBC newsbeat reported on Monday that government's health regulator has warned there are a rising number of counterfeit condoms being smuggled into to the UK.

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Share Kindness – Keeps You Happy And Healthy

Recent studies have proven that showing kindness to others can not only boost your health but also your happiness.

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Share Make Every Day a Good Day

Humans are in constant search of happiness and sometimes go to great lengths to stay happy. Here are a few simple ways to make every day a brilliantly happy one.

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Share An Alternative To Pain Relief

Throw away your painkillers, because there’s an alternative! Yoga does far more than keeping you fit and flexible. 

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Share Back To Health

 Sitting at your desk all day may seem like the most harmless thing you could be doing, yet those long hours in front of your computer can be having more of a negative effect on your health than you realize.

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