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A King’s Disease No More: Acidic, Fizzy And Sugary Drinks To Blame For A Rise On Patient’s With A Gout
A King’s Disease No More: Acidic, Fizzy And Sugary Drinks To Blame For A Rise On Patient’s With A Gout

Gout or a king’s disease as it commonly known is in the rise and according to medical expects increase of consumption of sugary beverages is the main course.

According to the statistics gout is not longer a king’s disease, the number of patients with it has doubled since the 70’s the disease is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis in men.

One person in 25 is affected by the king’s disease.

Report states: Unlike in the old ages where famous suffers were kings and developed the disease from indulging in large portions of meat and pot. Today’s victims may be more likely to get it from sugar-sweetened soft drinks, fructose and beer, or as a side effect of medications.
Gout is linked to a build-up in the blood of uric acid, a waste product made in the body and excreted through the kidneys. It forms when the body breaks down chemicals in the cells known as purines.

When too much uric acid is produced, or too little is excreted through the bladder, tiny crystals may form in and around joints. These hard, needle-shaped crystals are responsible for the inflammation and pain.

Just why some people get gout and not others is unclear, although genes are thought to play a part. It is also not clear why there are more cases. Several other countries, including the US, Australia and China, show similar rises, starting in the second half of the 20th Century.

The incidence of gout increased in conjunction with what are likely to be related increases in fructose consumption and obesity,’ says Dr Peter Simkin, who led a University of Washington study into the growth of the disease.

Dietary fructose is sugar found naturally in tiny amounts in fruit, but extracted and used to sweeten pre-prepared foods.

‘Our diet advice for the gout patient is to limit meat intake, stay away from beer, be wary of hard liquor, drink wine in moderation, do not fast, embrace coffee and dairy products and cut down on fructose,’ adds Dr Simkin.

Use of low-dose aspirin and some high blood pressure drugs are also linked to increased risk, including beta-blockers. Eating cherries, however, was found to reduce the risk of attacks by 35 per cent.


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