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One More Reason To Get Rid Of The Polo Neck; Uncircumcised Men Are At Higher Risk Of Getting Prostate Cancer
One More Reason To Get Rid Of The Polo Neck; Uncircumcised Men Are At Higher Risk Of Getting Prostate Cancer

If you won’t do it for religion, cultural or personal reasons do it for your health and your life.

 Latest survey has found that men who don’t do circumcision are at more risk of getting prostate cancer.

The late bloomers who get circumcised after the age of 35 are at 45% less risk of getting prostate cancer then those who never do, says the study by University of Canada.

 Men in general are at 11 less likely to get prostate cancer if they are circumcised.

According to numerous studies prostate cancer is very low in Jewish and Muslim men most of whom are circumcised.

While no research has found the course of this type of cancer researchers have said three risk factors have been identified: aging, a family history of this cancer, and Black African ethnic origins. 

Researchers at the University of Montreal and the INRS-Institute-Armand-Frappier interviewed a group of Montreal men where half had been diagnosed with prostate cancer between 2005 and 2009.

They found that though men who had undergone the procedure later in life had less chance of getting prostate cancer, those who were
circumcised after birth before the age of 1 were 14 percent less like to get it.


The study also found that circumcision had a particularly strong preventive effect among black men.

Among the black men interviewed in the study, the risk of prostate cancer was 1.4 times higher than the white men.

The risk of prostate cancer decreased by 60 per cent among black men who had been circumcised at any stage of their life.

Another study done in American found that uncircumcised men will at least once contract an adverse medical condition caused by their foreskin.


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