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She's A Man: Woman Claims Steriods Turned Her Into A Man With A Little Penis
She's A Man: Woman Claims Steriods Turned Her Into A Man With A Little Penis

Here's a steriod addiction story that will make you think twice before taking anybody enhancing drug


Candice Armstrong got more than strong arms when she let her desire for a more muscular physic get out of hand. This once pretty and very feminine bar lady says steroid addiction made her look like a man, made her voice deeper, and grew facial hair but that’s not all she says she also grew a little penis.

Candice says it was never her intension to turn into a man “You could argue that when I wanted big arms and broad shoulders, a bigger back and small hips, that that was a masculine look. But I didn’t consciously decide I want to change from a woman into a man.”

With all the physical changes she has had because of steroids Mr.  Miss Candice says she won’t stop using them, “I think it would do more harm than good,’ she says. “I’d lose all the muscles, but I wouldn’t lose all the masculine qualities like the facial hair and the deep voice… It doesn’t really go back.”

“It’s given [me] the opportunity to live out one of my dreams,” she says of her transformation. “I’ve started doing a bit of drag and I love it.” She concluded to Daily mail.

 Well honey whatever floats your boat, but a penis though #team TooMuch


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