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Walk To Better Grades: Research Shows That Making Pupils Walk To School Can Improve Their Overall Perfomance
Walk To Better Grades: Research Shows That Making Pupils Walk To School Can Improve Their Overall Perfomance

Parents you might want to re think driving your kids to school or getting them a car while they are still in high school.

The new survey published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, says that walking to school may be more beneficiary for your teens especially the girls.

The study found that girls who walk to the classroom are much more active and better performers than those who are driven by parents or travel by bus.

Females who took 15 minutes or longer to walk in outperformed those who live in closer proximity.

The University of Granada, the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Zaragoza and the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid embarked on the joint project and discovered the link between physical activity and performance in class.

Researchers used a sample of 1,700 boys and girls aged between 13 and 18 in five Spanish cities through the Food and Assessment of the Nutritional Status of Spanish Adolescents study.

The authors outlined that plasticity of the brain is greatest in teenage years.

They wrote that during adolescence, 'the plasticity of the brain is greater than at any other time of life, which makes it the opportune period to stimulate cognitive function.'

However this is also the period of life where physical activity declines most, too, and this is greatest in girls.

Therefore researchers outlined that: 'Inactive adolescents could be missing out on a very important stimulus to improve their learning and cognitive performance.'

Dr Frank Eves, a Chartered Psychologist, suggests there are two points that urge caution about the potentially interesting result, reported the British Psychological Society.


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