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Kid You Killed My Vibe: Newborns Reduce Fathers Sex Drive
Kid You Killed My Vibe: Newborns Reduce Fathers Sex Drive

Until now you are I thought only new mommies struggle with sex drive after giving birth, but a new research has revealed that daddies too find it difficult to get excited about sex when there’s a new born in the house.

The new research reveals that new daddies feel the burden and are always tired, when there’s a new baby on board, and mostly they feel sidelined by the baby.

The research further reveals that one in 5 new fathers don’t resume their sexual activities until at least 3 months pass by. (God bless these men).

One in 3 fathers revealed they made love to their partners after 6 weeks and the same number of new daddies saying they only resume after 12 weeks.

Their reasons for waiting those period men claimed the women’s physical being, and the dominant factor was the lack of time after child birth.

The study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine

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