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Fat Father Fat Child: Fat Fathers Could Pass On The Fat Gene Down Generations
Fat Father Fat Child: Fat Fathers Could Pass On The Fat Gene Down Generations

Fathers, come close we have news for you,  new study has revealed that fat/ obese father could possibly pass their fat genet o their children and grandchildren in that order.

The study says that if the father is obese/ overweight during conception there are many chances that he could plant a fat seed too, so it advises parents (fathers) to be of healthy weight before trying for a baby.

Researchers have discovered a 'molecular signal' in the sperm of obese fathers than can pass on the same obesity problems, including diabetes, to multiple generations in the future.

Both male and female children run the risk of inheriting obesity this way, although girls have a higher risk than boys, said the study by Australian biologists at the University of Adelaide.

Even if the children eat healthily and have active lifestyles, they may still suffer as a result of this signal, although it is likely to weaken slightly with each passing generation.

Lead researcher Dr Tod Fullston said: ‘A father's diet changes the molecular make-up of the sperm.
‘With obese fathers, the changes in their sperm might programme the embryo for obesity or metabolic disease later in life.

‘For female offspring, there is an increased risk of becoming overweight or obese.’

The risk of diabetes-type diseases is the same for both male and female offspring, he said, and less severe but still possible in grandchildren.

We should congratulate the scientists for making it even harder for men to have great normal sex when trying for kids, now it’s going to be wife, book of positions, scales and a husband



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