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Happy Chubbies: Could Happiness Be Making You Chubby?
Happy Chubbies: Could Happiness Be Making You Chubby?

Emotional eating has been linked to heart break and every other sad emotion but latest research reveals that being happy can make you a chubby pumpkin

Research shows that many emotional eaters dig in and indulge in food while they are feeling happy than when they are down.


The findings, by a team of Dutch psychologists, suggest so called ‘happy eating’ has been largely overlooked as a risk factor in the global obesity epidemic.


Emotional eating is seen as one of the reasons people can’t keep their weight under control.

During an emotional and stressful period food can provide comfort, it is estimated that 75% of overweigh cases are due to emotional eating.

People tend to use food to feel happy.

But the latest research by Netherlands wanted to explore whether emotional eaters who binge when they feel down have no need for the same habit when they feel positive.

They recruited 87 students and assessed each one for their eating habits as well as their mental health, using well-established questionnaires designed to score each one.

They then carried out a series of experiments where the students were shown clips from different films or TV shows in order to evoke a positive, neutral or negative mood.
For example, to get them in a positive mood, researchers showed the students two scenes.

Immediately after viewing the clips, volunteers were provided with large glass bowls full of different flavoured crisps and white, milk or dark chocolates.

Researchers measured their total calorie intake after each scene.

The results, published online in the journal Appetite, showed that, contrary to expectations, those students classed as emotional eaters scoffed more after watching a positive clip than a negative one.

In a report on their findings the researchers said: ‘Most emotional eating is related to negative moods.

‘However, volunteers did not overeat in response to negative emotions but did overeat in response to positive ones.

‘These findings could be of value for the treatment of obesity. They underline the importance of positive emotions on overeating, which are often overlooked.’

The daily mail.



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