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Share Organic Gardening

10 steps to getting started if you have no gardening experience. The key elements you must have are some sun, soil and water.

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Share The Pleasure of Gardening Indoor

Everyone loves the beauty and serenity offered by a garden. Who does not want to do some gardening indoor? But a garden indoors does not just mean bringing plants inside the house. It is quite a difficult job. If done with proper care, your home could reflect the beauty of nature.

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Share Turn Your Garden Into A Retreat

Our hectic lives in the urban jungle leave us feeling stressed and unbalanced. What better way to get away from hooting cars, heavy workloads and screaming children than retreating to your garden

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Share Your backyard is the perfect place for a picnic

Instead of carting your entire family to a restaurant on the other side of town why not have a picnic in the comfort of your backyard? Restaurants are so impersonal and noisy while your backyard could have a swimming pool, beautiful garden and colourful butterflies.

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Share Throw a Garden Party for fun with friends and family

If you have a beautiful backyard that you’ve worked hard to maintain, why not throw a garden party for friends and family? This way everyone will get the opportunity to see the beautiful rose garden you planted while enjoying themselves over delicious treats. It’s the perfect excuse to get then all together.

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Share Flowers You Can Grow During Spring

We all get excited when winter finally comes to an end because we know spring is here. Spring means a new beginning, especially where nature is concerned, and for us it means it’s time to take out our bright summer dresses and sandals. Basically spring is all about colour and beauty.

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Share Flower gardening - Grow Your Own Flowers

Flower gardening is basically, adorning your garden with flowers. Most gardeners, old and new ones alike, want to go into flower gardening.

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Share Gardening Tools

It is well known that gardening in not only a relaxing hobby but beneficial to the body as an exercise. Some people see gardening not only as a hobby but an integral part of their daily lifestyle. If this is your situation, then it is very important that you are using the correct gardening tools for the work. The question is, is how you do know which tools are the right ones? Well, here are some gardening tips to help you choose.

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