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Share Get that Garden Growing!

Vegetable gardens need a lot of attention and maintaining.

There are different types of vegetable gardens so decide which vegetables you want to grow. It can be any vegetables and herbs that you can plant.

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Share A Revolution in Veggie Gardening

Introducing a revolutionary new product in at-home vegetable gardening, Birdies Raised Modular Garden Beds are “made by a Gardener for the Gardener”!

Birdies Raised Garden Beds puts an end to back-breaking gardening.

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Share Starting a community garden

Many people complain that they don’t have all the resources and time to start their own food garden and resort to buying frozen vegetables or eating out. 

Kick that excuse out the window because we have the ideal tips to starting a community garden. Here are a few easy steps to kick start your project.


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Share Ready, Steady, Plant!

 Visitors to the Sunday Tribune Garden & Leisure show looking for a bit of real life drama and suspense simply cannot miss Ready Steady Plant, an action packed event which positively delights its audience.

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Share Meet garden-guru Keith Kirsten!

 You are invited to meet Keith Kirsten and the SA Garden team at the 2011 Sunday Tribune Garden & Leisure Show.

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Share Gardening your rental home

 We all know that if you live in a rental house there are some things you may have to give up because the landlord might not agree to. Luckily gardening does not fall under that category because it is one of those essentials that some people have to have and are unlikely to course harm.

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Share How to Plant a Tree

Planting a tree might sound and look easy to a lot of people. Some think that you just dig a hole and chuck the tree in but it's not as easy as it looks.

A lot of things must be considered before planting a tree in order for it to grow correctly and prosper. Here are some pointers on what you can use to ensure that you plant your tree correctly and ensure it grows and thrives.

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Share How to approach gardening nightmares

There are many challenges that come with maintaining a garden. Ants, gnat’s, snails and wasps cause damage to your garden but those are problems that can be solved unlike the unpredictable weather that might put your plantation in jeopardy. It’s best to know exactly how handle the problem with the when it occurs, than having nightmares about it.

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Share Tips for Winterizing a Water Garden

Preparing a water garden before cold weather sets in will help ensure that your plants and fish survive winter. Each requires slightly different care. The first water garden features hardy plants and fish. The second pond has non-hardy plants and no fish.

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Share Home Guard: Top 3 Germ Hideouts

Most people assume because they clean their homes regularly that germs can’t get to them, however, no matter how clean your home is, there are certain items that you have that attract germs.


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