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Share We tackle your Gardening Nightmares

 There are many challenges that come with maintaining a garden. Ants, gnat’s snails and wasps cause damage to your garden but those are problems that can be solved unlike the unpredictable weather that might put your plantation in jeopardy. It’s best to know exactly how handle the problem with the when it occurs, than having nightmares about it.

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Share Going Green for Gaia...

Need to add that sparkle to your already gorgeous garden whilst playing your part for mother earth? PioLED solar lights are the answer to your prayers! This value adding product is aesthetically pleasing with its contemporary design and can be used in outdoor residential, commercial and industrial spaces

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Share Divas Spotlight: Night Market

Darryl Hoffman has done it again! The owner of the much-loved Yossis Café in Glenwood, Durban has created a Night Market for all those Divas that relish the idea of deli-style foods, unique products & live music. 

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Share Good for Mind, Body & Soul: The Sunday Tribune Garden & Leisure Show

Glorious exhibition space and a variety of offerings is what the annual Sunday Tribune Garden & Leisure Show delivers. Often referred to as South Africa’s Chelsea, the event is acknowledged to be the top landscaping and horticultural show in the country and well received worldwide attracting tens of thousands each year.

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Share DIY: Make Your Own Barometer

Children act out what they see at home, on television or at school. If you want to bring out the best physical, creative, spiritual or practical abilities in your little one, lead by example.  As a team project try making this easy barometer.

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Share Button Bracelet

Things You Will Need
Buttons (a variety of colours and sizes of your choice)
Darning Needle

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Share DIY: Christmas Wreath

If you love creativity and would stop at nothing to get your home glittering and jingling from all the Christmas decorations; then you can do with more tips on how to turn simple things into remarkable items that would keep people talking about how beautiful your home looked.

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Share How To Decorate Your Garden This Christmas

Your garden needs attention and care throughout the year, but requires a little extra something during the festive season. Decorating your home can become a part of your family’s Christmas traditions.

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Share Colour Your Home Happy

The ancient art of colour therapy is used to improve life and well being directly linked with your chakras.

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Share Be Real Estate Agent Smart

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or sell your own choosing the right real estate is an important step of the process. A real estate agent will all out to ensure you get the home you want or sell the one you already have for a good price – they want their commission after all. But be careful when choosing a real estate agent as there are fly by nights who are just out for a quick scam.

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