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Share Building A Pebble Fountain

Designing a backyard fountain becomes very exciting if you are doing it yourself. Follow these tips to build your very own amazing pebble fountain. 

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Share Inside Out

Outdoor inspired interiors is a currently a big trend.  More and more architects and interior designers are using Mother Nature’s guide lines for inspiration.

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Share Perfect Outdoor Pleasures

Entertaining at home has became increasingly popular and creating the perfect setting with warm weather and sunny skies make the perfect ingredients for a day of splendid outdoor activities.

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Share Create a Water Paradise

Water has always played an integral part of gardens for centuries and has often symbolized mystical or religious beliefs.

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Share Transform Your Deck

Your deck should accommodate different aspects of your lifestyle, including entertainment, relaxation, and places where the children can play.

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Share Design a Beautiful Exterior for Your Home

Exterior home design allows you to make sure that your outdoors are attractive, clean and appealing.

You can design the exterior of your home the way you want, showing your flavour and personality, as well as turn it into an exotic and beautiful home.

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Share DIY: Make Your Own Compost Bin

A good aspect to add to your garden is a home made Compost Bin.

This bin will be both beneficial to your garden and also provide a solution to you throwing your green let overs in the bin.

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Share Divas Spotlight: Plascon Colour Forecast 2012

Plascon has recently brought out the colour forecast for 2012 inspired by the different ways that we bring colour into our lives.

The forecast consists of 4 different palettes: Memory, Expression, Mystery & Origins.

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Share DIY: Make your own bird bath

Bring a bit of life to your garden by creating your own bird bath.

This new feature is sure to get a few of your flying friends visiting on a daily basis...

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Share Things every 'koi-keeper' should know

Koi are synonymous with most fish lovers and as a result, there are over 16 000 sites online about koi and how they originated. 

They all offer their own distinct yet very different explanations about Koi and how they originated, but as the experts say, keeping Koi goes beyond just a passion of having and keeping pets, it is a lifestyle...

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