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DIY: Make Your Own Barometer
DIY: Make Your Own Barometer

Children act out what they see at home, on television or at school. If you want to bring out the best physical, creative, spiritual or practical abilities in your little one, lead by example.  As a team project try making this easy barometer.


You'll need these materials:
  1. a glass or beaker with straight sides
  2. a ruler (12 inch) tape
  3. one foot of clear plastic tubing
  4. a stick of chewing gum water 


Begin by standing the ruler in the glass and holding it against the side. Tape the ruler to the inside of the glass. Make sure that the numbers on the ruler are visible.

Stand the plastic tube against the ruler in the glass. Make sure that the tube is not touching the bottom of the glass by positioning the tube up a half inch on the ruler. Secure the tube by taping it to the ruler.
Chew the stick of gum so that it is soft. While you're chewing, fill the glass about half way with water. Use the plastic tube like a straw and draw some water half way up the tube. Use your tongue to trap the water in the tube. Quickly move the gum onto the top of the tube to seal it.
Make a mark on the ruler to record where the water level is in the tube. Each time you notice a change in the water level, make another mark. You'll notice, over time, that the water level rises and falls. Pay attention to the change in weather as the water level changes.
The water in the tube rises and falls because of air pressure exerted on the water in the glass. As the air presses down (increased atmospheric pressure) on the water in the glass, more water is pushed into the tube, causing the water level to rise. When the air pressure decreases on the water in the glass, some of the water will move down out of the tube, causing the water level to fall. The change in barometric pressure will help you to forecast the weather. Decreasing air pressure often indicates the approach of a low pressure area, which often brings clouds and precipitation. Increasing air pressure often means that a high pressure area is approaching, bringing with it clearing or fair weather.
Sethembile Sibiya




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