How To Decorate Your Garden This Christmas
How To Decorate Your Garden This Christmas

Your garden needs attention and care throughout the year, but requires a little extra something during the festive season. Decorating your home can become a part of your family’s Christmas traditions. If you live in a climate that will allow a garden to thrive all year round, then decorating your garden can be another wonderful part of your Christmas traditions. Here are some ideas about how to decorate your garden for Christmas.

The colours red and green are the epitome of the Christmas season. You can use red ribbons all around your house and garden, not just on presents. You can tie bows around posts and pillars that in your garden. You can pick up on the theme of the color red by filling a clear glass with a bunch of strawberries, and topping the glass with some white roses or lilies from your garden. You can also use strawberries to float in a silver bowl along with some floating candles.

Christmas lights are excellent decorating tools for the Christmas season. Of course, you can put lights on your tree just like everyone else, but you can also use Christmas lights in other ways. You can use several strands of Christmas lights in your garden all strung up along the walls or ceiling, to provide ambient lighting.
Like lights, you can use ornaments and even wrapping paper in nontraditional ways, as well. You can hang more durable-type bulb ornaments from your shrubbery outside. You might choose to wrap your doors in Christmas wrapping paper. You might add a few small wrapped boxes to your garden’s landscape as well, and there is almost nowhere in the home and garden that a gift decoration would be out of place.

With a little bit of creativity, you will find that you can decorate your home and garden in a truly unique and beautiful way this Christmas. Here are a few basic tips:

  • Hang Angels from tree branches or tie them to the shrubs. It creates a heavenly look to the garden. You can also place few large life-size angels in the garden.
  • Decorate the exterior of your house, including trees, shrubs, swings, etc, with lights.
  • Nothing beats the Santa Claus when it comes to Christmas decorations. Place a large life-size Santa outside the home. However, make sure that the Santa is made of strong stuff that can survive the outside weather.
  • You can use figurines, like Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the three Wise Men, as outdoor Christmas decoration. The perfect place for such figurines is your garden. Make sure that the size of the figurines is proportionate to that of your lawn.
  • Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, can be placed in the garden as a part of outdoor decorations. Putting a small red light on the nose of the reindeer will give it a more real look.
  • The best decorations for the exterior part of the house will be the Christmas tree. This Christmas, place the tree in your garden and decorate it with lights, garlands, candy canes, stars, angels, crystal balls, etc. Make sure to switch on the lights in the evening to give the perfect glow to your garden.

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