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Tips to Protect Your Vegetables the Natural Way
Tips to Protect Your Vegetables the Natural Way

The organic gardener believes that the use of pesticides is harmful, besides causing negative long term sides effects to human health these chemicals also upset the food chains of nature.

The health problems caused to humans by these chemicals depends not only on how toxic the ingredients are but also on the amount of exposure to the product. In addition, certain people like children, pregnant women and sick or aging populations may be more sensitive to the effects of chemical pesticides than others.

What most gardeners are unaware of is that almost all these chemicals kill pests intended as well as other beneficial organisms.

 A wide array of organisms occurs in any garden and only a small portion of these are pests. What most gardeners do not actually know is that many of these organisms are actually beneficial to your garden

Many pests can be controlled by introducing or encouraging their animal predators. These natural enemies give the gardener a safe effective way to limit pests in your garden.

One example is the introduction of the Australian lady bug to Californian Citrus orchards in 1888 to control the cushiony scale insect that was causing extensive damage to farms.

Both the larvae and the adults of this beetle feed on aphids, scale insects and the eggs and larvae of other small pests.

Another impressive insect is the praying mantis that remains still waiting for its prey, the aphid.

The lacewing insect on the other hand is a beautiful and an efficient predator feeding on a variety of pests such as eggs, scale, leafhopper, nymphs and mealy bug.

If these predators don’t seem to be giving you any gardening joy use organic spays as your last resort. Soapy water makes another simple, yet effective spray but take care not to use detergents.

You may also use mineral oil solutions. Aphids, scale and mealy bug are easily controlled by these methods but garlic and onion sprays have been used successfully for a variety of insect pests.

Even though we have only mentioned a few biological control methods there are many other options out there which are defiantly worth exploring for the health and safety of you and your family.

Speak to your local garden centre when planting veggies. There are also many plant varieties out there that may be compatible to your area weather conditions that help deter pest. Marigold is a good example of this type of plant. We have hooked you up with more tips from eartheasy to help you identify more pests and control methods.

Did you Know? 

If you are a farmer, or starting a farming business, Mutual and Federal Agri can ensure you peace of mind, because their crop insurance product is flexible enough to address your needs.

Mutual and federal offer more than just insurance; they offer a complete understanding of business.


For further details contact Old Mutual advisers on: 086 1 11 14 15.

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