Summer Flowering Favourites
 Summer Flowering Favourites

It’s summer time in South Africa, which means it time to prepare your garden for the festive season. Whether you are going away for the holiday or not your garden can still look great under the hot African sun.

Yes that’s right, because if you have been planting indigenous you can still have colour all year round without the high maintenance. Here is a list of shrubs, ground covers and trees which will give you that summer colour without the hard work. 

Arum Lily

Take advantage the shady areas in your garden and plant masses of Arums or Zantedeschia. They look gorgeous when planted in masses and flower profusely in the November and December months.

These popular plants will grow easily provided they have plenty of water in well drained soil.

River indigo

River indigo or Indigofera jucunda is a small to media shrub which belongs to the pea family. Indigofera jucunda is much-branched, varying in height from 2 to 4m tall, and spreading +-2m. This low maintenance plant should be more widely planted in gardens to attract wildlife. The flowers attract insects, which in turn, attract insect-eating birds. It makes an ideal screen in narrow areas as the root system is not aggressive.

Cape Leadwort

Plumbago auriculata,  is an extremely reliable, resilient plant which has been popular for home gardens. In nature plumbago is a scrambling shrub, about 3m x 3m. Plumbago makes a very good informal or formal hedge as it responds well to pruning. It will flower profusely after being cut back or after a growth flush, as it bears flowers on new wood. Plumbago makes a good, fast growing "exclusion zone" or bush-clump plant for attracting birds such as robins which like dense plant growth.


If your garden is in need of a plant to add sensational color and minimal care, Gazania’s are the plants for you!

This perennial (meaning it grows back year after year) has daisy-like flowers in white and shades of yellow, orange and pink that bloom in late spring and early summer. Gazania love the heat of summer and will amaze you even in the driest of soils. Use as a summer groundcover, as a border or edging along walkways, drives or on slopes.

Aloe falcata

Aloe falcata is a summer-flowering aloe that is becoming a popular subject for dry gardens, low-growing aloe that forms a dense, compact clump, with the rosette of leaves often pointing outwards. The inflorescence, is branched-sometimes up to a dozen flower spikes can be seen emerging from the crown. The flower spikes are erect in their growth form. Flower colour ranges from dull, brick-red to pinky red. Pure yellow flowers are very rarely seen. What makes this particular aloe interesting is the fact that it flowers during the hottest and driest part of the year-December and January.

African lily

Agapanthus are summer-flowering perennial plants, grown for their showy flowers, commonly in shades of blue and purple, but also white and pink. They thrive in any well-drained, sunny position in the garden, or grow these beauties in containers. Agapanthus thrives in fertile, well-drained, but moisture-retentive soil in full sun. Water agapanthus plants regularly during the growing season, but only sparingly in winter.

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