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Building A Pebble Fountain
 Building A Pebble Fountain

Designing a backyard fountain becomes very exciting if you are doing it yourself. Follow these tips to build your very own amazing pebble fountain.

Step1- choose a location- select a site that is close to your power source.

Step2- once you have chosen your location dig a hole that is slightly wider than a tub that will be used to create the fountain reservoir. Place the tub into the hole and backfill the gap the gap between the tub and the sides of the hole with soil.

Step 3- place two bricks at the bottom of the tub to act as a platform for the water pump; place the pump kit into the tub. Follow the instructions of the fountain kit carefully, to install the fountain spout to the tub.

Step 4- make a water catchment area by laying plastic sheeting so that it drapes into the reservoir. Weigh down the edges of the plastic with rocks to keep it in places as you work.

Step 5- place a piece of heavy galvanized mesh over the top of the fountain, resting the mesh on the rim of the fountain reservoir.

Step 6- place a piece of finer mesh on top of the heavier mesh, then cover the catchment area and the area around the fountain spout with pebbles. Finish the fountain by plugging the pump in and arranging larger stones so that the fountain spout is hidden.

Now you can follow these steps and make your beautiful water fountain.

Soured from: Tabloid newspapers (northern sun)

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