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How To Make Your Own Compost
How To Make Your Own Compost

Did you know that 40 - 60% of your household waste can be composted?! Much of the kitchen waste we discard every day could be used to make fantastic fertilizer for your garden! 

Here’s how:

  Pick a shady location in your garden for your compost

 Get a bin for kitchen scraps

 Decide on a compost activator (a high nitrogen product to get the compost started)

Try one of the following compost activators:

    A spade full of good soil

    Lucerne products like rabbit food, horse feed or even some (unused) cat litters.  

Start gathering your garden waste and kitchen scraps into a pile in your yard. Mix it up regularly. Over time the pile will turn into compost. Dig compost from the bottom of the pile to use. If you live in an apartment, try worm composting - clean and easy for inside. 

What can be composted?

Greens such as: 

Fruit and vegetable scraps, peels and rinds

Coffee ground

Tea bags

 Eggs shells



Stalks, stems and leaves

Lawn clippings

Browns such as:

Nut shells




Cardboard and egg cartons

Wool or cotton rags

What can’t be composted?

 Cooked food

Dairy products


Meat or bones

 Invasive plants (you’ll spread them over your garden!)

Cat or dog waste


Woody plant matter (it takes too long to decompose)

Your compost is ready when it looks dark and crumbly like soil.


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