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Sharing Your Space And Decor
Sharing Your Space And Decor

Moving in with your partner or friend could be one of the most exciting events to ever to happen but it comes with a lot of stress when it comes to decor, pieces of funiture and where everything should be placed. We give some tips and advice on how to combat this situation.


Have three groups

First groups should be for what we are keeping, donating and maybe.

Place each item from art work, vases, dishes and carpets in respective groups.

The donate group should have all the things from both of you which you not going to be keeping in your shared space, things that you both agree are too old, and unfit for your new shared space.

The “we are keeping group” of course is going to consist of all the items you are keeping, from both of you.

The not sure group is for the neutral stuff that you might not like but Is of significant importance, here we talking grandma’s ugly vases and 1943 pot sets from aunt Marge that might have been in the family for 70 years.

After grouping your things, decide on how you going to lay your decoration, your living space and kitchen should have a touch of both of you if one is classy and the other is elegant. Theme it class with a touch of elegance, bottom line if people visit you they should feel both your presence in the house.

In living colour

Deciding on which colour to paint your home is a struggle and that struggle doubles when you share your home with someone, best thing to do is to find the colour that accommodate both of you, if one loves yellow and the other loves pink, pick a neutral colour like white, cyan. For the visible spaces like kitchen, lounge space and bathrooms. Then for bedrooms you can have any colour you want if it’s ugly you will only have yourself to blame.

One important thing is to have roaster so chores and tasks can be divided equally and there won’t be any feuds when things are not done.


Lets’ live in peace shall we? 


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