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Things every 'koi-keeper' should know
Things every 'koi-keeper' should know

Koi are synonymous with most fish lovers and as a result, there are over 16 000 sites online about koi and how they originated. 

They all offer their own distinct yet very different explanations about Koi and how they originated, but as the experts say, keeping Koi goes beyond just a passion of having and keeping pets, it is a lifestyle...
To keep living koi you should be learned and educated about them, since they are vulnerable species.
We take a look at the most important factors of successfully keeping these colorful creatures.
The Pond
Koi keeping is a very expensive hobby so if you plan to do this, you might as well do it the right way, simply because if you don’t you are in a position of wasting tons of money and killing the rare species in the process.
Key to successfully keeping koi is to have a good pond. These ponds are expensive to make but rather that, than have a cheap pond that is useless and is going straight to the rubbish bin in no time. Remember that koi fish ponds are permanent affairs located in your garden. A good pond costs a fortune, almost the same amount as a brand new car or house. So having a good pond is not a compromise, it a must when keeping koi.
The Water Temperature
The water temperature is also important. Koi, like all other fish, cannot control their own body temperature so the temperature of water is basically what determines the temperature of your koi. Having water that is too cold or too hot can kill your koi. they mostly prefer hot temperatures. Evidence to this is the fact that when it’s cold koi just stay down (sink at the bottom of the pond where the water is warmer and this is not good for them because they stop eating). The right thing to do for your koi is to get a thermometer to measure the warmth of your pond so you can know when to buy a pond heater that will aid your carp to thrive. 
The Food
Koi are sometimes called water pigs because they eat whatever is put in front of them. They eat both plants and animals which means they are omnivorous. In cold water you should provide your koi with fish food that is lower in protein because it will not grow as much so it requires small protein.  
The Water
After the food and the temperature the most important thing about koi keeping is water. What kind of water should koi be kept in?
Well most people like to keep their koi’s in clear water so they can enjoy watching them sail through and they think this is the best condition to keep koi. The truth is green water is very good for koi because they thrive in it.


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