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Fashion Trends
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Share Bleached Beauties

Many dark skinned women are under the impression that light skinned girls are prettier. They always get their man, the job and all the attention. And who can blame them for believing it to be true? Everywhere you look is an advertisement in a magazine, on TV, or on a billboard screaming at you that light skinned women are the ideal beauty.


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Share Brazilians for Men - and We're not Talking Model's and Soccer Players!

Contrary to popular belief, there are several reasons why a man would want to wax his bikini area. In fact, there are even heterosexual men out there actually paying money to get the (in) famous Brazilian wax! If you’re a normal, red-blooded male reading this, you’re probably wincing in pain, thinking to yourself, “Why, God, why?” If you’re a woman, you’ve probably got an evil grin on your face, thinking to yourself,” Payback time!” Apart from male athletes, who wax for speed reasons, some men just prefer the look. If you find yourself curious, read on… if you’re man enough!

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Share Hair

Your hair says a great deal about the person that you are, in the same vane as ‘first impressions last’. Your hair can and does say a great deal about your personality, like, if you have wavy and tousled hair. It says that you are confident and adventurous, but these assumptions have limitations. If your hair is too wavy and seems out of control, then this sends a whole other message about your personality. Of course there are many things you can do to ‘fix’ your perceived hair problems, but always remember that your hair has a personality of its own and in much the same way that your hair will never set the same way 2 days in a row, Eva Longoria’s newly cropped and chic style might not look as good on you as it does on her. The key is to be realistic and to know precisely what suits and why, so that you can keep your crazy hair under control.


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