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Share You Too Old For That: Almost 98% Of Women Feel Guys Should Not Wear Speedos At The Beach While 98% Men Are Ok With Women Rocking Bikinis

Ladies can dish it but can’t take it; a new survey shows that most women don’t get excited seeing men walking in their Speedos at the beach.

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Share Pretty Hurts: Woman Undergoes Surgery To Get “Cheryl Cole” Like Dimples

People go under the knife to nick and tuck what they don’t like about themselves, we’ve had about people gunning for JLO butt, Beyonce like curves, Kate Upton boobs, but we’ve never heard about people going under the knife to get dimples.

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Share Skin Bleaching 101? Nigerian Singer Under fire For Promoting Skin "Bleaching"

Cameroonian/Nigerian singer Dencia is under fire for promoting whitenecious, a popular skin lightening cream in Nigeria.

According to reports whitenecious sold out within 24 hours of release in Nigeria, singer Dencia is advocate of this cream and she has caught a lot of attacks for involvement.

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Share It's Handled: Kerry Washington Is The New Creative Controller & Ambassador For Neutrogena

Gladiators, all your blemishes, pimples, scars, ashyness and other skin problems are being handled

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Share The Bald And The Beautiful: Celebs With Terrible Hairline

Since we heard that scientists are cooking up a new way of combaiting hair loss and early bailding issue, we got so excited about the possible medical miracle and we decided to compile a list of famous people who should be first in line to get this new baby foreskin treatment.

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Share Women Wait Weeks Before Showing Their Makeup Free Faces To New Lovers

A new survey done on 2 000 single women has shows that too many women lack self confindence and comfort in their own skin

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Share Aren't We All? Two Thirds Of Dating/ In Relationships Brits Are Starved Of Thier Partnner's Touch

Well British people take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this struggle.

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Share Hair: For Me It's Not A Sensative Issue But The Ignorance That People Display Annoys Me

I am a natural hair freak, I love my black, kinky and strong hair

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Share When Did You Stop Thinking You're Beautiful?

Really many people need to tell us this especially women, when did you stop thinking you are beautiful?

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Share Rihanna Releases 2nd Edition Of Lipstick Collection With Mac Cosmetics

Harlem, prepare for another Herpes breakout, Lol just kidding lovies

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