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The Bald And The Beautiful: Celebs With Terrible Hairline
The Bald And The Beautiful:  Celebs With Terrible Hairline

Since we heard that scientists are cooking up a new way of combaiting hair loss and early bailding issue, we got so excited about the possible medical miracle and we decided to compile a list of famous people who should be first in line to get this new baby foreskin treatment.


Naomi Campbell

Baby girls is 40 and fabulous but all the spraying, combing, ironing, straightening and curling has left a mark in her head. She’s balding faster than she’s ageing. She could use this dick magic the baby foreskin treatment. But until the tests are finished at the labs, thank God for wigs and weaves.


Prince William

His royal highness’s hair line is not worth the praise, he is a victim of early balding, terrible early balding. Princess Diana gave him everything but the hair.


LeBron James

King James is short of a hairline, he has to be baldest man in the NBA, and his hair line makes him look like his own grandfather.


Donald Trump

I don’t want to say anything mean about Mr Trump but damn, we’ve seen the billions where’s the hair sir? Instead of making noise about Barack Obama’s birth certificate he should be focused of finding a proper hairline, maybe he fired his own hair.



 Yes everyone’s favourite gentleman has serious hair line issues  but to  his defence I think Ne-yo was born that way, he is not balding or anything he just had a very low hairline at birth, but he still can try the foreskin treatment if it becomes a success.


Viviaca Fox

Maybe with aunt Viv it has to do with her age because she’s 109 already but she’s still bald and we know she loves cosmetic surgeries, she sure won’t miss this one for anything in this world.


Lance Armstrong

He was doping and touring De France with a bicycle trying to find his hair line but still no luck.



He’s like a baby bird very few feathers in his head.


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