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Women Wait Weeks Before Showing Their Makeup Free Faces To New Lovers
Women Wait Weeks Before Showing Their Makeup Free Faces To New Lovers

A new survey done of 2 000 single women has shown that too many women lack self confidence and comfort in their own skin.

The study showed that most women don’t feel beautiful enough and they end up waiting weeks before showing their new partners their makeup free faces.

Six in 10 said they wanted to make sure that their partner liked them enough before going make up free around them.

The lengths women go to make sure their partner never see them makeup free before they are ready to do the big reveal, some will wake up at night or too early in the morning to touch up their faces.

The study also shows how the ladies thirst for a “perfect image”, most want their partners to think they are flawless and perfectly toned up so they make sure that their makeup is always done to perfection on the first few dates.

Other 6 in 10 said they are extremely careful that new loves never see them without make up and they constantly apply it through the date.

A third of girls say they run into the bathroom every chance they get if they are staying over at partners place for the first time to apply makeup.

Another third feels that their partners wouldn’t have looked at them twice if they met when they were not wearing any make up, while half worry that their partner would find them less attractive should they see them make up free and a fifth feel they would be shocked by how different they look when wearing their natural skin.

A third feel they wouldn’t be as successful in the dating scene if they went out looking natural while half of women in relationships feel they would have not dated and kept their men if they went out bare face.


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