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Hair: For Me It's Not A Sensative Issue But The Ignorance That People Display Annoys Me
Hair: For Me It's Not A Sensative Issue But The Ignorance That People Display Annoys Me

I am a natural hair freak, I love my black, kinky and strong fro but I also have nothing against people who put on weave because honestly each to their own, I don’t really care how anyone does their hair, it’s a matter of choice and preference.

Growing up I was surrounded by mostly black people, so I had no issue with my hair because everybody was the same, we knew and understood pros and co’s of our natural hair, we only argued about which is the best cream to put on if we decided to put relaxer on our hair other than that we were good.

We curled, stretched, ironed and cut our hair and lived drama free but when I moved to away from my old neighborhood to a new environment to start work, I faced a new dilemma of having to explain how I twisted my hair like that, how I managed to braid it so close to my scalp, how I put on such long braids and more.

 Most of these questions I didn’t mind to answer because I understood that most of these people were not familiar with black hair, but some questions are really annoying mainly because I think they come from the place of ignorance.

Like when I decided to put on weave someone asked if, my hair had grown over the weekend, again I explained that I put on a weave. More ignorant and annoying questions like “how did you do that, so you sew it in to your scalp, you wanted hair like mine now” like really people?

I always use the net to learn things I don’t know about other people’s cultures and habits, will it hurt to Google how black women saw in their weave? I hate it when a woman asks how I put on my weave like weave is a black woman thing only, other races do it too.

By writing this I’m not trying nor do I intend to make anyone stop or fear asking questions about black hair but I just want people to ask smart questions, I will answer anyone’s question anytime about hair but it annoys the hell out of me when people ask dumb questions.

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