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Share How to Teach Your Child to be Honest


Some children do not understand the difference between lying and telling a story. Help your child to understand that lying is a terrible trait and hurts people's feelings. If your child has trouble understanding what a lie is, simply explain that a lie is anything he tells someone that is not real. Explain to your child that she/he is being false people do not want to be around someone who is dishonest.

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Share How to: Buy Christmas Gifts for Kids

Shopping for children during Christmas can be quite difficult. With so many adverts bombarding “specials” of the latest toys on the market, you would be forgiven for going a bit crazy. Children change their minds more often than they do their underwear. One minute Barbie is in the next she’s out. But by asking yourself the following questions you will be one step closer to choosing the perfect Christmas gift for your child.

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Share How to buy a House

Thinking about buying your very own home for the first time? Are you confused about what steps to take? Do you know the channels you should go through? If you said yes to the first question then you have come to the right article. Read on to find out how to buy your own home:

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Share How to Outsmart a Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or sell your own, choosing the right real estate is an important step of the process. A real estate agent will go all out to ensure you get the home you want or sell the one you already have for a good price – they want their commission after all. But be careful when choosing a real estate agent as there are fly by nights that are just out for a quick scam.

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Share How To: Decorate Your Christmas Table

When you invite guests over to your home to share a meal with you, arranging an attractive table is just as important as serving good food. Remember - it’s all in the presentation. Your table setting is the first thing that your guests will notice, and a beautiful table encourages healthy appetites. This is why you should choose your table decor very cautiously and creatively. You don’t want your guests wishing they ordered out instead.

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Share How To Plan A Romantic Dinner

Every now and again couples need to spend some alone time without any distractions from the outside world. It might be hard, with busy work schedules, to take the time out to plan a romantic evening with your partner but it will definitely be worth it. This special time together will help rejuvenate your relationship.

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Share How To...Clean Your Room In 5 Minutes

You have just got off the phone, and your friend is coming over in the next 15 minutes. But, your room looks like it has been hit by a tornado!

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Share Help Your Child Adjust To A New Baby

While the whole family brags non-stop about the awaited new baby and in all the excitement of preparing for the new family member, someone might feel forgotten, unimportant and not cared about. Your older child might be unsettled by the thought of competing for their parents’ attention on the arrival of the new baby.

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