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Simple Tips To Help You Through Exams
Simple Tips To Help You Through Exams

Students all over the country are about to start their exams an some have already started writing, to help them through this challenging and sometimes nerve wrecking time we created a guide to help them cope.

Their panic is well justified, as this is the final time they will sit in an exam room as high school students, this is a make or break deal and there’s nothing in between.

Thou I understand the panic and high temperature the matriculants might be going through now, I don’t fully support it nor do I encourage it, so I decided to share my “exam coping mechanics” that really helped me through my matric year many moons ago.


You’ve been doing this for the good 12 years, this is not new. Rather think of your matric exam as no different from the 11th year that you’ve gone through.

Don’t panic

If you panic you might end up getting stressed and when you are stressed already you won’t enter the exam room with a clear mind, and that alone has hindered your full potential.


Well if you want to pass or succeed in anything, you have to study, and I assume by the time matric year end exams come you are well prepared because you have been studying and preparing for the past 12 years, all you have to do now is thoroughly go through your books to make sure you understand everything well.

Take breaks between your study time tables

Study for an hour or 2 not more and take 30 minutes breaks in between to bath, take a walk or chat with friends so you cannot do what I call “information overload in your mind”.

Make your own study time table

So you can have a pattern of what and when you study and make sure that your study table is in correspondence with your writing table, so you can flow.

Eat well

I know some of you will go SMH, please that’s a myth but believe you me this is no myth eating a healthy and well balanced breakfast before writing your exam can and does help your brain function well and your body not to be too tired to start anything. Have your fruits, veggies and protein faithfully throughout your exam period.

Moral support

Friends and family have to kick it with you here, how you ask, at the time when you are studying, insist that they switch off television and music, I mean it’s very hard studying with loud noise of television and everybody watch your favourite programme while you are buried deep in books.

Ask for help

If you have friends who have graduated high school have them help you in subjects that you might be struggling with. There’s always somebody who’s knows better so don’t be shy to ask, it is for your own good.

Have your sleep

Sleep for the good prescribed 8-10 hours, don’t stay overnight studying that might end up being your dawn fall when you end up all sleepy and tired in your exam room, give your brain time to rest.

These little tips helped me graduate high school, hope they will help you too. Good luck.

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