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A Country Too Divided By Colour: Woman Admit To Killing White Family To Perpetuate Racial Division
A Country Too Divided By Colour: Woman Admit To Killing White Family To Perpetuate Racial Division

A sick world we live in, we live in a country where crime has a race, where  some crimes are blacker than others, one of such crimes is the farm murders. Ever since Julius Malema publicly sang the “Kill the Boer” song in a free South Africa, statistics have it that many farmers are being murdered and we assume by black people.

I’m not going to sit behind my computer screen and cry racism and say that blacks are being unfairly treated, because some black people commit crime like some white people do.

Where I come from crime has no colour, my being black doesn’t make me a farmer murder same way being white doesn’t make anyone a black person hater or apartheid head.

Where am I going with this? The Steenkamp family murder, the steenkamps were a white faming family and were killed by “black farm murders” a husband 44, wife 43 and their 14 year old daughter were all shot dead in their farm and as soon as the news of their death hit the streets AWB and other organizations were out for blood, everyone was crying “farm murders which is just another way of saying “the blacks are at it again killing white people”.

Surprisingly in this incident no “black” farm murder was arrested but the family’s teenage son who is the only one who survive this incident was arrested and many theories about him being in line to inherit “23 million” made rounds in the news.

Though I doubt that a 14 year old boy would rape his own sister and kill the rest of his family, it is not for me to decide if he did this or not, lady Justice will find him guilty or not guilty.

The latest development on the case a woman has came forward and admitting that she is a member of “AWB Squad” that killed the Steenkamp’s to saw racial division, she also says that the Steenkamps are not the only victim’s of this so called plot there are other farmers who have been killed by this quad. For all we know this lady could be trying to save face and cover some of her crimes by throwing this very high profile case because she is in jail for 44 crimes ranging from terrorism, high treason and possession of dangerous weapons, but she could also be telling that truth.

 What does this say about us as the society? We are a nation too divided, we are too black and too white, say what you want but in this country when the word crime is heard people naturally assume black, and this bothers me a lot, why do we personalise and colour crime? Crime has no identity, colour or ethnic. Unless we change our mentality, stop having racial privileges, stereotypes and hatred this is the life we are going to live. Blaming race instead of a person.  There are going to be many “squads” like these using our senseless hate for each other to further their own private agenda.

Just my 2 cents take it; don’t take it your CHOICE.



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