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Don't Post That: The Negative Side Of Social Networks To Job Seekers
Don't Post That: The Negative Side Of Social Networks To Job Seekers

I’ve heard stories that some employers demand that you give them your social network log in info during the interviews or before they hire you, thou I deem this as highly immoral and somewhat unnecessary because some social networks like facebook, were created so we can be fun and post out of body comments that we will not dare say with our own mouths.

But employers see that your real personally and your social network personality can influence or dictate the type of a person that you going to become when you are employed.

As much as I highly regard the practice of people asking for passwords and doing a check on your social network before they hire you, the truth is they are “with their rights to do so,” so the best you can do is to make sure that you do not have any derogatory stuff in your facebook or any other social networks that can turn to come back and biter you.

The tags can be your downfall, that’s why it is very important to check the pictures and posts you are tagged in by friends, because in some cases you could be clean as a whistle but when your tags aren’t so clean that might cost you a job.

The whole idea is to be very careful with your social media activities because they can cost you a job.

Some employees would be sneaky, after receiving your CV they would search for you on line before they contact you and send you a friend request so they see, the privates posts that made for your friends only, so as much as making sure that your security setting are on point, they can still anonymously get into your profile.


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