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Interview Standard Questions Guide
Interview Standard Questions Guide

Getting a call that invites you to a job interview is the best feeling anyone looking for employment can have, trust me I know. 

As much as we prepare for the interview we don’t really know what the interviewer/s are going to ask, so we base our preparation on next to nothing things like company background and what we are going to offer the company.

On the other hand there are standard questions that are always asked during the interview, today we arm you with guidelines to answering those so called standard questions.

Tell us about yourself

This is not intended to qualify you for the job you are being interviewed for, it’s merely an ice breaker to allow you a chance to relax and be comfortable, but that does not mean you should answer it loosely.

You can dispose as much as you want in this question and there is no right or wrong answer, since it is about you nobody can say you are wrong when you are describing yourself.

Try not being too long when you answer this one, highlight things like your full name and surname, higher education, tertiary education if you have it. Include things you enjoy doing and your equivalent job experience.

Be careful not to say you have worked in ten companies and mention them all by name. Name a few and positions you’ve held without going into further details. If your interviewer/s is interested in a certain point you’ve mentioned he/she will stop you and ask you to elaborate further on it.

You can if you choose to mention your marital status and kids if you have any but that is not really important.

What are your Strength and weaknesses?

This question comes out in every interview whether you like it or not.

The best way to answer this question is to be as honest as you can, don’t lie.

The biggest problem interviewers face on this question is people listing 14 strengths and no weaknesses, that can’t be true we all have our weaknesses.

Don’t be afraid or shy to talk about your weakness, bring them out sooner than later because if you don’t they may cost you a job later.

But be very careful about weaknesses you put forward, remember this is not meant to scare your potential employers.

 What are your career objections and what you bringing to this company

Be frank and honest and do not bring in the 3rd party to your answers, saying something “I’m driven and look to take this company to greater heights”, is ok until you add …. “And I’m here to claim the employee of the month award every month till I leave” that can really send a wrong message about you. It will make you seem arrogant and snobby. You don’t want to earn the “miss/ Mr. Think I’m better than everyone” title the minute you enter the office.

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