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Your free eBook download on 10 Cash Flow Strategies for a Successful Business.


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Share Making sure your business is tax compliant

 Finding out about business taxes is the smartest thing you can do for you business. Whether you’re in a small business or a big one, your business is obligated to pay tax.


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Share Event Worth Attending: Mobile Entertainment Africa

From the team behind the Mobile Web in Africa series of events comes Mobile Entertainment Africa, which will give attendees the opportunity to gain and exchange knowledge and expertise regarding maximising the entertainment opportunity on handheld devices in Africa.

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Share 5 The Pitfalls of Multitasking

Celebrating women on an entrepreneurial level has been a long standing tradition at Sevafrica. Free advertising in the month of August is a given but this year we’d like to add a few truths and clear up some misconceptions about the 21st century women in business.

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Share 2 Tips from Warren Buffett to Avoid the Next High-Tech Massacre

1. Invest in businesses you can understand

“There are all kinds of businesses that Charlie and I don’t understand, but that doesn’t cause us to stay up at night. It just means we go on to the next one, and that’s what the individual investor should do.”
The above Buffett quote illustrates the fact that Buffett and others at Berkshire Hathaway have always followed this rule thoroughly. This rule kept him away from the tech bubble in the 1990s and the real estate bubble in the 2000s.

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Share Mobile and web marketing conference

Trade Conferences International has organised a conference that brings together marketing, advertising, communication and public relations practitioners and service providers in the mobile and IT environments, to explore opportunities that both the web and mobile offers advertisers and marketers.

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Share Excerpt from “Knock Knock” by Seth Godin

 Big Picture: What a Web Site Does

Big Picture #1:

A Web site must do at least one of two things, but probably both:



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Share Make Today Count by John C. Maxwell

Drawing from the text of the Business Week bestseller TODAY MATTERS, this condensed, revised edition boils down John C. Maxwell's 12 daily practices to their very essence, giving maximum impact in minimal time. 

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Share Be a good customer…It’s for your own good you know

Riveting futuristic technology, interesting & perplexing consumer trends, the incurable entrepreneurial bug and exciting new age business gives you, the consumer, loads of reasons to play boss, take the liberty and hold us (service providers) ransom. Yes, we work for you, our businesses depends on your business. So for as long as business is business – we will submit to you, our ever precious and valuable (choke) client. However, if you do decide to take a stand and be a player in the harsh and treacherous business arena then STAND!

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Share How ready are you for business?

Brutal honesty in business isn’t something many of us embraced easily. But any successful business owner will tell you it’s vital to see things for what they are. The sad reality is that unemployment is the real reason why many businesses exist. If 2011 is the year you’ve planned to enter the savage business arena, here are 6 questions you need to honestly answer before making the bold leap.

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